"Song and Dance" Indigo LG2
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2013-09-07 16:11:41 UTC
An interesting bit of trivia for the SGI collectors out there.
I've just inherited another Indigo to take home and add to the collection.
On opening it up to see what I had been given I was surprized to find an
odd graphics board. Not the 24-bit board I was hoping for, rather an odd
edition of the LG2 entry level graphics board.
Instead of the usual half length board -- I've seen this inside of a number
of Indigos and the 8-bit gfx bards were always half-length with a steel
plate -- the board come all the way to the front of the machine. Silk
[unintelligible logo]
Bill & Ted (& Keith)'s Excellent Machine
Executive Producer Mike Ramsay
Director Carol Peters
Writers Bill Weatherford
Keith Cox
Soundtrack Ted Marsh
And a supporting cast of thousands ...
LG2 ASSY 030-8077-001 REV 2 (1991)
I can't find any info on this interesting board, and can't get the
machine to start up until my new RTC battery arrives. Has anyone heard
of this board before?
It's put a smile on my miserable mug, anyway.
yup, that was the original low-end graphics board
Larry Gonick designed the logo
if I can find a pic, I'll send it to you

Carol Peters
legalize+ (Richard)
2013-10-06 16:28:34 UTC
[Please do not mail me a copy of your followup]
[...] I wish I knew that someone still
was collecting Indigos.
Oh, they are. I am looking for them for the Computer Graphics Museum.
I keep finding them in a semi-damaged state on ebay (missing doors,
missing hard drives, batteries needing replacement, etc.).

People on nekochan also like them.
I recycled the Indigo because the TOD battery died, and I wasn't willing
to spend the effort to solder a new battery in its place. I figured it
would cost me more to buy a battery than I could get selling the Indigo.
They usually manage to sell on ebay in worse condition than yours.

I'm not the only one that would have been interested.
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